Muslim Group Says Trump’s Statement On Killings In Nigeria ‘Prejudiced, Parochial’, Warns Buhari

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A Nigerian Muslim group, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has described U.S President Donald Trump’s claim that Christians are being killed in Nigeria as ‘prejudiced, parochial and un-presidential.’

The group said this in a statement signed by its director, Professor Ishaq Akintola in response to an assertion by Trump that the United States will not condone the continuous killing of Christians at a meeting with his Nigerian counterpart on Monday.

But MURIC said Trump’s assertions at the meeting with Buhari was wrong for many reasons while asserting that the statement was another instance of the tendency of the American president to ‘misfire.’

It also warned the Nigerian president against going into alliance with Trump, warning that the United States may just be interested in instigating a religious war in the country just like it did in Libya and Iraq.

The group said, “As usual, Trump has misfired again. His statement leaves presidential norms in the dust. It is prejudiced, parochial and unpresidential. Trump’s statement makes a mockery of democracy. It is sheer interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. Trump has a bully’s instinct.

“Trumpism has steadily exhibited a pitiable lack of understanding of U.S. foreign policy. Trump’s reckless approach alienates the American public. It is repugnant to world leaders. Even US military analysts have admitted that Trump’s bellicose attitude is making Americans ‘less safe’.”

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The group advised President Buhari to be careful on his relationship with Trump, as it noted that the American president once described African countries as ‘shithole’ and had placed a ban on Muslims entering the country.

“If this is the same Trump who called African countries ‘shithole’, the same American president who threatened to wipe out North Korea, the same US leader who banned Muslims from entering his country, the same Republican who said, “Torture works, ok folks?”, Nigerians must be wary of America’s involvement in their affairs.

“We should remember that Nigeria did not get the required support from the moderate and cool-headed Barrack Obama in its war against terrorism. We should therefore not expect any from Trump who treats vulnerable nations with contempt and has no respect for African countries. Unless Nigerians unite, this country will become America’s ‘shithole’.

“Trump’s comment on killings in Nigeria implies that he would prefer that it is Muslims alone who are being killed.

“We refuse to believe that a whole American president does not know the true situation on the ground in this country. He who knows but pretends not to know has his own secret agenda. Nigerian Muslims are not intimidated by Trump’s comment.

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“We only sympathize with those who will be gullible enough to become Trump’s ‘suckers’. Posterity will judge us.”

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