Nigeria has no data on migration —ILO

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Lagos—THE International Labour Organisation, ILO, yesterday in Lagos, stressed the importance of statistics to migration, saying member countries must have reliable labour statistics for effective implementation of the relevant labour migration policies, laws and certification programmes with ILO’s convention. Director of ILO Country Office for Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Liaison Office for ECOWAS, Mr. Dennis Zulu who spoke at a three three-day capacity building workshop on, ‘’Labour Migration Statistics in Nigeria’’, informed that, timely and reliable labour statistics remained an essential requirement for evidence-based policy-making in any given society. Represented by ILO’s National Project Coordinator, Mr Augustine Erameh, , Zulu noted that it was essential to produce reliable and timely labour statistics for research and information, contending that there was the need to produce sound evidence-based policy-making for the residents and migrants in a given country.

He said ‘’Accurate and current statistics are necessary to describe and analyse prevalence, determinants and consequences of labour migration in the country. “As an evolving phenomenon, labour migration continues to remain a feature of modern day labour markets that requires stakeholders participation to facilitate development and implementation of effective governance frameworks. Globally, millions of migrants leave their country of origin in search for better employment opportunities. A better understanding of the phenomenon through evidence based lenses will go a long way to address challenges associated with irregular migratory flow of labour migrants,’’ Zulu said. On his part, ILO’s Head of Statistics Department, Geneva, Switzerland, Mr Mustapha Ozel, said, among others, noted that there was no information about Nigeria concerning migration on ILO’s website, saying the workshop was important as Nigeria was about to rectify convention 160 on international standards on labour statistics. According to him ‘’Nigeria will disseminate data according to the international regulation. This is the first workshop in the country and is a very huge progress. In 2018, International conference of labour statisticians which gathers every five years, adopted a guideline concerning International labour migration statistics, and the guidelines brings standards, concepts and  finishing for data comparable.

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