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“On Saturday 6th November, 2021, the people of Anambra State will elect a Governor who will preside over the affairs of the State for the next 4 years. The success of this election is very vital and crucial to the people of Anambra State and Ndigbo”

“Unfortunately, there have been some few isolated reports of insecurity in Anambra State in recent times; even there have been threats by some group of people for total disruption of this election. I therefore in my capacity as the Chairman of Council of Elders Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide most humbly and patriotically make this passionate appeal to my beloved brothers and sisters in Anambra State. We all owe it a duty to our forebears and posterity to avoid any action that could cause bloodshed in Anambra State or any part of Igbo land or even Nigeria”

“I feel compelled to remind you that Anambra State is a cradle of Igbo development and achievement in education, industry, politics, commerce etc. For example, in 1857, the White Missionaries landed in Onitsha and that was the first point that received the Missionaries in the whole of Igbo land. In politics, Dr. Nnandi Azikiwe blazed the trail of Nigeria independence, he is from Anambra State. His Excellency Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu my Boss and one of the great leaders of men is from Anambra State. The Former Vice President of Nigeria Dr. Alex Ekwueme is from Anambra State. Chief Emeka Anyaoku the first African Commonwealth Secretary General is from Anambra State. As a young man, I was interested in Mathematics and my academic Hero was Prof. Chike Obi who hailed from Onitsha, Anambra State, I think he was the first Nigerian to have PhD in Mathematics. The first Nigerian to be a Vice Chancellor of a Nigerian University Prof. Kenneth Dike is from Anambra State. The first indigenous manufacturing vehicle company in Nigeria “Innoson” is owned by Mr. Innocent Maduka who is from Anambra State. The first Catholic Saint in Nigeria Blessed Michael Iwene Tainsi is from Anambra State. In terms of Industry and economy, Anambra State is a leading State even though most of these industries are outside Igbo land. There are so many fields of human endaveour where Anambra State has excelled in Igbo land and Nigeria. It will be very sad if these excellent legacies left by these great men of history are allowed to be destroyed by violence”

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Also we can’t forget someone like late Prof. Chinua Achebe as one of the pioneer in intellectual works in Nigeria he is from Anambra State and my others to mention that are great in human efforts that are from Anambra.

“I therefore on behalf of the Council of Elders of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide appeal to our kit & Kin in Anambra State especially those who feel injured to sheathe their sword. The Youths made me their Grand Patron and I will always defend their interest. Also as the Chairman of Council of Elders Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide, I am working on industrialization programme for South East which with the cooperation of the Governors and Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide will transform Igbo land into an economy that will create job for our youths and produce goods and services to improve our Gross Domestic Product and advance our contribution towards Gross National Product. In the next few months we will start up the process”

“I therefore appeal to the Youths in the South East to sheathe their sword and pursue their protest within the ambit of the law. If the Anambra Election is disrupted and not held, the losers will be the common people and Anambra State. I appeal to everybody in Anambra State to come out peacefully and vote for a candidate of their choice. Let us on the 6th of November, 2021 show the world that this generation of Igbos are determined to preserve the legacies of our forebears and indeed surpass those records”

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God bless Anambra State
God bless Igbo Land
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

(Ahaejiagamba Ndigbo)

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